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2-1-1 Addiction Assistance

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United Way of Summit County
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United Way of Summit County 2-1-1 Vignette Transcript Length: 00:00:55 File Size: 11.1 MB Summary: In this video, we use an actual recorded phone call (modified to protect the privacy of 2-1-1 Representative and Caller) to bring to light the need that we have in the community and the services that are provided. The services described in this video is now called the First Step Opiate Addiction Treatment Program available through a partnership with United Way of Summit County and Summa Health. 2-1-1 Representative: Good morning. Thank you for calling 2-1-1. How may I help you? Caller: Yes. Umm… I have my daughter and she’s been hooked on drugs for years. And she has finally asked me for help. 2-1-1 Representative: Okay. Okay. The Summa Health Barberton Campus Emergency Room Department. Caller: In Barberton Hospital? 2-1-1 Representative: Yep. Take her in there. And they’ll be able to get her medical treatment. They can look at recovery coaching. They have a full-time Addiction Care Coordinator. They can help connect her to the right resources. So that she can get the care that she needs. Caller: Okay. She doesn’t have insurance. 2-1-1 Representative: That’s okay. Caller: Okay. 2-1-1 Representative: So she could go today. Caller: Alright. Thank you very much. 2-1-1 Representative: I’m glad you called. You have a nice day. Caller: You too. Thank you. 2-1-1 Representative: All right. Bye-bye.
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