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24-Hours With The Associated

Charity Name: 
The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore
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don't know
Video opens up with a Baltimore street in the early morning. We cut to a woman helping a family into a van in the middle of the night. She says, "It's about twenty minutes from here to the safe house. It's a nice place, it's safe. You're going to be okay." We then see a montage of Associated activity around the world, showing our involvement even while America is still starting their day. Around noon, we meet a job coach helping a person seeking employment. Job coach: "Tell me a little bit about the volunteer work you have going on." The montage continues, showing the Jewish Museum, Hillels, Jewish Community Centers, Classrooms, and more. Children are learning, dancing, students are interacting with each other. We see a family reading a book given to them by PJ Library. Father: "We bless the wine and grape juice, we bless the leaves of challah." We end on a clip of an airport runway, showing how The Associated helps those fleeing anti-Semitism. The last clip is the Baltimore street again, with The Associated logo appearing.