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Catholic Charities WV

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Catholic Charities WV
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The video is black & white, with instrumentals playing and contains live images of single people, as well as multiple people embracing or sharing a moment. There are 5 scenes with individual people and 7 scenes with more than one person, for a total of 12 scenes. Captions appear as the scenes fade in and out, from one to another, and tell a story of who we are, what we do and how we serve. The video ends with our logo and contact information. The voice over comes in on the 12th scene and rolls over to the last frame. The captions are as follows in order as they appears on in the video: Catholic Charities agencies across the county Enrich millions of lives each year Through their words and through their actions they provide services to people in need and call… the church and all people of goodwill to do the same we provide help and create hope love is our mission
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