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Center for Abused Persons

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Center for Abused Persons
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The Center for Abused Persons is a non-profit organization based in Charles County, Maryland that began 35 years ago. CAP has been dedicated to supporting individuals and families who have been impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault. At CAP, we understand that navigating life after being sexually assaulted or domestically abused can feel challenging and at times hopeless. However, we are striving daily to bridge the gap by providing a plethora of advocacy, social, and emotional support services to our clients. Our services include individual counseling home visits, hospital and court accompaniment, victim advocacy, community education, and our abuser intervention program. CAP is also the only organization in Charles County, MD that has a 24-hour hotline team available to listen and encourage next steps in the process of securing safety and healing. Whether you or someone you know may benefit from these services, call or visit us at (301) 645-3336 and!
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