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Children's Emergency Relief Teams

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Children's Emergency Relief Teams
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Children’s Emergency Relief Teams (CERT) #84997 Summary: CERT International has been Video Transcription: (Shots of airplane, shots of ocean waves, shots of van driving in Oaxaca, Mexico. Video of leader announcing that CERT takes doctors and dentists around the world to help those in need. A CERT volunteer shares her experience) (Shots of medical clinic) “What caught my eye about this trip was definitely just going for the help. I have always wanted to go on a mission trip. Last night, or yesterday, sorry, I was just thankful for my health and my family. Just coming here and seeing the kids, what they have compared to what I have is a big difference. So I feel very fortunate with what I have and what I can do for them. (Graphic): CERT International: Saving lives and Healing Hearts since 1974. Go. Love. Live.