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Dante's Transformation

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San Antonio Pets Alive!
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0:00.00: [Text] Dante's Amazing Transformation 0:00.03: A photo of Dante is seen, a small puppy with large ears that has a face covered in crusted over scabs and is missing large amounts of hair. 0:00.07: [Text] Found alone in a field in San Antonio, Texas. 0:00.10: A photo of Dante's back is seen full of bloody scabs, pink skin, and clumps of hair. This photo is fairly graphic. 0:00.14: [Text] Severely neglected. 0:00.17: [Text] Dante had one of the worst cases of demodex mange we've seen. 0:00.21: A photo of Dante is shown. His scabs are cleaned up and he is in a home next to a bowl of food. He is still missing all of his hair. 0:00.25: [Text] Because of San Antonio Pets Alive!, he received the medical care and love he desperately needed. 0:00.29: [Text] This is Dante today. 0:00.32: A photo of Dante is shown. He is in a backyard and all of his fur has grown back, revealing that he is a beautiful Cattle Dog. 0:00.35: A close up photo of Dante's face is shown. He has beautiful brown eyes and spotty fur. 0:00.38: Another photo of Dante is shown, sitting happily in a living room. 0:00.41: Another photo of Dante is shown, curled up on the living room carpet, his beautiful white fur covered in black and brown spots. 0:00.43: [Text] He now has a dog brother and a kitten sister. 0:00.46: A photo of Dante is shown, glancing down at a small eight week old tabby kitten. 0:00.49: [Text] When you designate your CFC gift to SAPA!, you save lives. CFC #33210 0:00.53: [Text] Our mission is to provide the programs and services needed to eliminate the killing of at-risk animals due to lack of space, adopter or foster. 0:00.57: [Text] Thank you! 0:00.59: [Subtext] Music by
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