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Experience Joy with Special Olympics NC

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Special Olympics North Carolina
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Special Olympics North Carolina logo appears on screen. Special Olympics athlete, Jennifer Wardlow, narrates as scenes from Special Olympics competitions are on screen. Since 1968, Special Olympics has used the power of sports to change the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. Suddenly, individuals who have been told they cannot for most of their lives find a place where they are told they CAN. They can train and compete in sports. They can be more confident. They can friends, jobs, families. They can be just like everyone else. Now, Special Olympics athlete, Brogan DeBuhr, narrates as scenes from Special Olympics competitions are on screen. Special Olympics has given me a place where I can be myself and friends who appreciate me for my abilities. I love being part of a team. I feel included when I’m at a Special Olympics North Carolina practice or competition. Thanks to Special Olympics, this feeling is something more and more people will experience every day. Help more athletes experience the joy of Special Olympics. The Special Olympics North Carolina logo appears. CFC code: 71754
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