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Faith N Friends - Our Story

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Faith N Friends Horse Rescue & Sanctuary
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Pictures of horses, riding horses, volunteers, volunteers working, school event. Faith N Friends is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) horse rescue and sanctuary in Corryton, TN. It recently became a 501(c)(3) in 2016, but Faith, the founder and president, has been rescuing horses and other animals alike for the past 12 years. We take in owner surrenders, neglect cases, slaughter sale intercepts, and more. As well as educate owners on the proper care for their horses, trim over grown hooves, use equines and other animals in a therapy program for special needs children and adults, and even host pony parties! It is our goal to save horses and place them in their forever homes. With our low adoption fees, we believe that we can find anyone that perfect unicorn that they have been dreaming of. We are a volunteer based organization that thrives on donations and supporters that help us achieve our mission which is Helping Horses Help People.
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