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The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina

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Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina
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Speaker 1 (0:00 seconds): When you think about our 34 counties that are served by the Food Bank and the number of people that are still food insecure, in this area, it's very hard to not feel a connection and not to feel that you have to do something about it. Speaker 2 (0:15 seconds): The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina is unique in its ability to reach people who have a need because it's not stagnant. It's continually evolving. And then to see how the Food Bank has progressed to do so much more, to create more programs, to reach more people and to do things better through technology. So it's exciting. Speaker 3 (0:40 seconds): The way they make things accessible for all the agencies. This is so systematic. It's so orderly, so efficient. They have somebody on the premises, they show us how to cook things, how to use recipes, to educate us and show us how to execute that. It's phenomenal.
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