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Guide Dogs of America Mission

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Guide Dogs of America
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The Guide Dogs of America Mission video displays from start to finish the process in which we use to develop strong guide dogs. At Guide Dogs of America, it is our mission to empower people who are blind or visually impaired to live with more confidence, independence, and mobility by providing expertly matched guide dog partners. Through out the video there are various scenes from around our campus such as our nursery, kennels, and visitor education center. Hi I'm Russ Gittlen director of Guide Dogs of America. This little girl here is going to grow up and change the life of someone who is blind or visually impaired please take a few minutes and watch how your continued support helps change peoples lives. Our guide dog school in Sylmar, California is where we do our work. Raising a single puppy, let alone several litters is quite a handful to say the least. We have a truly loving and dedicated staff here in the nursery. Once the puppies reach eight-weeks of age, they are sent home with our generous volunteer puppy raisers. at around eighteen months old our dogs enter formal training with our guide dog instructors. Our instructors work with each dog to teach them advanced commands for moving through a world of obstacles, various modes of transit, and how to identify dangerous situations. Each dog is monitored and analyzed for their temperament energy and overall personailty so that when the students come to GDA for their training each dog can be matched to the appropriate human to make the best guide dog team possible.
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