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Habitat for Humanity Positively Impacts Colorado

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Habitat For Humanity of Colorado
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Habitat for Humanity positively Impacts Colorado In 2018, Habitat for Humanity, in partnership with Bryant Colorado and Research Evaluation Consulting, LLC, conducted a statewide study to find out the importance of homeownership. Below are stats and a quote from a homeowner from this study: 94% of homeowners felt that their lives had improved since moving into their Habitat home. 90% saw an improvement in their family's health. 82% of Habitat homeowners said their children now invite friends over to play or to do homework. 90% of homeowners reported that their neighborhood felt safer than where they lived before. "I don't have to work tow jobs to afford housing; I can work a normal work week and be present as a parent for my children." When the Cost of Home is something we all can afford, we begin to build strength, stability, and self-reliance into thriving communities.