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Inspire the Next Generation of STEM Leaders!

Charity Name: 
The Space Foundation
CFC Number: 
The video begins with the CFC Approved Charity logo, along with text reading "Space Foundation CFC #71807." Photograph of sleeping student transitions to two pictures of students excitedly participating in science experiments. The text reads, "help us go from this... to this!" Next, text reads "Inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and technology professionals. Every $10 is another student." Next, a picture of stars appears and the text reads "inspired to reach for the stars!" The CFC Approved Charity logo appears again, along with text reading "Space Foundation CFC #71807." The next text reads, "We annually serve more than 46,000 students with hands-on STEM education programs." The Space Foundation logo, a blue circle in orbit with a smaller blue moon, appears, with text reading "Proud participant in the Combined Federal Campaign." A picture of a young boy in a space suit appears; the young boy is admiring a larger statue of an astronaut. The text reads, "Even the biggest dreams have small beginnings." The American flag appears, waving in an invisible wind. The final text appears, reading "And thank you for your service!" The CFC Approved Charity logo appears one last time, along with text reading "Space Foundation CFC #71807."