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It Could Happen

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Prevent Child Abuse Utah
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Prevent Child Abuse Utah “It Could Happen” VO: We do everything we can to protect our children and keep them safe. Visual: Kids in black and white on Bus VO: But one in five UTAH kids are sexually abused before turning 18. Visual: 5 kids wakling away form camera 1- back pack changes to blue. (statistic on screen) VO: There’s a 20% chance it could happen to a child in your life… Visual: Kids feet – 1 blue shoes & 88% will never report it. Visual: Isolated kid in blue. (statistic on screen) VO: Do you really know how to recognize the signs of sexual abuse? Visual: Kids in classroom - several in blue VO: It only takes one person to effect change and protect a child. And that person… can be you. Visual: Mom & son black & white – Turns full color VO: Learn how to protect the children in your life by taking a free online tutorial at Visual: Art card with web address and logo.
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