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Jimmie Hale Mission CFC

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The Jimmie Hale Mission
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Description: This 30 second video highlights a client testimonial from our Royal Pines facility. Randal discusses how drugs and alcohol ruined his life, but an encounter with Jesus while in the addiction recovery program inspired him to turn his life around. He is now a successful business owner; has a wonderful, growing family; and is filled with joy because of the second chance he received thanks to the generosity of others. Format: Single client testimonial with B-Roll and inspirational music Script: “I lost my family and was discharged from the military because of my drug and alcohol addiction. I had half a dozen drug overdoses and two suicide attempts before going to Royal Pines where I had this amazing encounter with Jesus and I knew that I had been cured. God has blessed me with a family, a successful business and I’m now experience joy, peace, and stability. The life that I never dreamed that I would have, I now have. Thank you for helping change my life.”
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