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Join Our Discovery Journey

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Urban Discovery Ministries
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Organization Logo on screen Male standing in front of mural, speaking to the camera: The urban city can be a challenging place to live. It’s full of energy and promise but depending on where you live and your socioeconomic background, you can easily slip through the cracks. Photo montage on screen with voiceover: That’s why for over 40 years, Urban Discovery Ministries has been committed to discovering what God is doing among our neighbors in poor and under resourced communities. We’ve been dedicated to raising leaders, strengthening families and building community centered around the love of Christ. Our vision is growing, and what we do is made possible by generous and passionate partners just like you. Male standing in front of mural wall, speaking to the camera: We invite you to make a financial donation to support our mission to mobilize people of African descent to lead in Christ’s global mission. Text on screen : CFC#: 23291
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