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Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation of Maryland - SAT Financial Aid Workshop

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Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation of Maryland, Inc.
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[FREE / SAT Prep & Financial Aid Workshops] Since 1990 the Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation of Maryland has sponsored SAT prep and financial aid information forums twice a year. [Roberta Jackson / Parent] I appreciate that not only did we have individuals here to share about scholarships, specifically, but that the schools also had representatives here about financial aid, so that was very helpful. [Mike Brown / SAT Prep Attendee] It helped me, because it taught me some strategies, stuff I didn’t know before, how to manage my time better, because time is limited on that test. [Luchas Wright III / SAT Workshop Attendee] It was strategies so I can get a lot of questions done quicker. [Marvin Makle / SAT Workshop Attendee] The workshop benefited me in just giving me some more practice before the SAT started. [Saadiya Jackson / Financial Aid Workshop Attendee] I also liked how they were talking about the FASFA Application. [Yolanda Brown / Parent] This was amazing every time I have come back I'm learning additional information that I didn't know before. [Saadiya Jackson / Financial Aid Workshop Attendee] I like how most of schools that were here were schools that I'm looking to apply to. Your donation to the Kappa Alpha Psi foundation of Maryland will ensure that young kids continue to have the opportunity to excel on the SAT, while increasing their chances of being accepted and receiving a scholarship to the college of their choice. [HYATTSVILLE/LANDOVER (MD) ALUMNI CHAPTER KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY, INC. CFC #72512 The Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation of Maryland, Inc. Academic Empowerment Foundation, Inc. ButterFlyWorks P.O. BOX 2639, LANDOVER, MARYLAND 20784 HLKAPSI.ORG]
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