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Listen Up!

Charity Name: 
Autistic Self Advocacy Network
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Text appears saying “Listen Up!” A boy appears in grayscale on the right. He is smiling. Text appears beside him saying “I am autistic.” Text appears saying “I don’t need anyone to speak for me.” A man smiling slightly appears looking straight on. Text appears reading “I am a human being”. A young woman appears on screen. She is biting her lip. Text appears reading “I can speak for myself”. The boy appears again on the left of the screen, smiling. Text beside him reads “And guess what?” Text appears reading “I have something to say” The man shows up again on the right side of the frame. Text beside him reads “And I want to be heard.” Text appears “So keep your pity.” Woman appears again in close up on the right of the screen. Text beside her reads “Overcome your own fears” Text appears reading “And let’s talk. We may both learn something.” The ASAN logo, an interwoven rainbow heptagon appears and spins, before settling into a straight position. Text reading “ASAN” appears on the bottom of it. Logo fades and “” appears in plain black text at the bottom of the screen.
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