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LLR The Price

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Opening picture is the LLR logo. There is no voice over throughout, only subtitles Picture 1 is a soldier in desert camo in the machine gun turret of a Humvee. “Only three days into a peacekeeping mission in the sprawling suburb known as Sadr City.” Picture 2 shows a wounded soldier taking cover behind a brick wall. “10,000 members of the Mahdi Militia ambushed our patrol leaving us bloodied and stranded.” Picture 3 shows an LMTV military truck with several soldiers in the back engaged in a firefight. “We would have died that day but for the exceptional bravery of our brothers who rode to our rescue in unarmored trucks.” “They were cut to pieces.” Picture 4 is of a man in civilian clothes kneeling at the grave of a soldier in Arlington. “Seven warriors never made it home.” Picture 5 shows the LLR main building. “And what did they purchase?” Picture 6 is of an older veteran in front of the LLR entrance. “LLR houses homeless veterans.” Picture 7 is of a group of veterans laying ceramic tile.” Teaches the value of hard work.” Picture 8 is of a veteran with a shovel. “to find purpose in giving back to the community.” Picture 9 is of a veteran forging a knife. “of learning something new…” Picture 10 is of a WWII veteran drinking coffee. “of honoring the heroes of days past…” Picture 11 is of a veteran giving the peace sign. “and help them rediscover their worth.” Picture 12 is of a helmet, rifle and boot memorial display in Iraq of seven fallen warriors. “This is what they paid for.” Final picture is of the LLR motto Restoring Heroes, “Join the legacy. CFC#28621”
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