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Midland Care Hospice Program

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Midland Care Connection, Inc.
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Robbie (male): (Music) My aunt was diagnosed with cancer. (Midland Care visual, “The sooner you call, the sooner Midland Care can help. 1-800-491-3691”) They gave her about 3 to 6 months so it was kind of a quick transition. Jim (male): We as humans don’t have the mindset (Midland Care visual, “Providing care, education, and emotional & spiritual counseling. 1-800-491-3691”) or the knowledge to deal with what’s coming. Midland has always been able to assist us with that and they do have the knowledge. They have been through it over and over again. It was no longer a company. It was no longer a hospice. It was someone that cared about my aunt that was helping her relieve the pain (Midland Care visual, “Midland Care Hospice Services 1-800-491-3691, Visit us at and get her, her angel wings. (music)
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