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Missoula Food Bank & Community Center

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Missoula Food Bank & Community Center
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Missoula Food Bank & Community Center (MFB&CC) is a private, non-profit organization that addresses hunger in Missoula County by offering emergency food assistance and child nutrition programs to all individuals and families who come to us in need. We have been carrying out this model of service since 1982 and take tremendous pride in the diverse network of support that keeps our customers fed, our food service programs effective, and our organization healthy. We lead the movement to end hunger through advocacy, volunteerism and healthy food for all. This video shows a glimpse of our space and the countless people who nourish community through their hard work and volunteerism. Our video begins with a birds-eye view of our facility and its location in the Missoula valley. At 0:15, you get to follow a family through our emergency food pantry choosing the food they would like to take home to their household. Resembling a grocery store, The Store is a choice model food bank, in which customers select their own food instead of receiving a pre-packed or standard bag of groceries. MFB&CC has used this model for over three decades as it allows customers the opportunity to choose their own food giving them a dignified experience and allows them to tailor the help they receive to be the best possible fit for their own unique situation. MFB&CC began serving 100 families each month, we now provide over 9,000 monthly services, and last year we served 1 in 5 people in Missoula County. The rest of the video shows the power of volunteerism in our community. Once a month, after our store has closed, over 60 volunteers gather to build Kids EmPower Packs - weekend food helping kids stay healthy and nourished when school is not in session. From 0:28 to 0:46 you see volunteers like Treva and her family putting together hundreds of packs that contain two breakfasts, two entrees, many hearty snacks, milk and fresh fruit for the weekly delivery to 1,025 local kids enrolled in the program. Kids EmPower Pack program is just one of the many ancillary programs that has been developed to assist populations at particular risk of hunger. From 0:46 to 1:00 you get a chance to see our early bird volunteers stocking The Store before opening. In 2018, 8,892 separate volunteers stocked our shelves, sorted through donations, greeted our customers, built Kids EmPower Packs, delivered food to home-bound seniors, and helped nourish our community through many other volunteer jobs that totaled 47,684 hours worked! Transcript of Video: About one in every five people who live in this community will visit us at least one time this year. That’s more than 25,000 separate individuals. We started coming to the food bank, because my husband was in college and working full time and I was working full time but still not making enough. We are set up like a small free grocery store, when someone comes in, they take a shopping cart and they pick the items that they want, that their kids will eat. It’s helped us have stability and know that I can always come here for help. We just love being here. When we need help, a line forms every time and we don't take that for granted. This is this incredible thing, we're so grateful for it. Our community shows up. I really want to give back to our community. When we are volunteering, it's amazing. I think really what we do is, we're a reflection of the way this community takes care of our neighbors. Our Missoula community has prioritized this big idea that no one should be hungry and supporting the food bank is the way that happens.
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