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World Reforestry Project
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WORLD REFORESTRY PROJECT, INC. CFC #76540 Video of Overall Summary & Description: <Background music playing throughout 48-sec video; captions only - no narration> Video of green forestry; Caption: There are 3 trillion trees on earth. Video of cut tree logs lying on bare land; Caption: Deforestation kills 15 million trees a year. Video of planted tree-seeds growing through the ground; Caption: Planting trees is the best way to combat deforestation. Video of drones flying over bare land; Caption: Our mission is to plant 2.5 billion trees by 2025 using Aeroseed Drone Technology. Slide of Caption: You can be the difference between Caption: This (Slide of green forestry); Caption: Or That (Slide of cut tree-stumps by a riverbank) Slide of Caption: Your donations help our goal to reduce global carbon footprint and improve quality of life for mankind. Your support means everything! Slide of Caption: Help us replant the forest. Please donate at: CFC #76540. Slide of company logo; Caption: World Reforestry Project