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Union Mission Ministries
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0-4 sec. Executive Director John Gray standing in front of Mission building says, "Over 350 men, women and children depend on the Union Mission every day and we depend on you. Hope begins with a meal." 5-6 sec. men in Chapel service 7-8 sec men lining up for dinner. 9-12 sec Man eating dinner says, "I was an addict, homeless, broken and hungry" 13-16 sec. Red headed woman in front of fence says, "I was homeless living in my van with my six children" 17-9 sec. African American woman in front of two pictures on wall says "I came for a meal and it changed my life." 20-23 sec. John Gray traffic and cross in background says. "Just $50 gives food, hope and life changing care for 25 people. 24-26 sec. while he is speaking people being served a meal. 27-28 sec. show men walking in doors of Mission while John Gray says "Donate at Union Mission" 29 sec Large group of people say, "God bless you!"
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