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Preble County Council on Aging: Meals on Wheels

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Preble County Council on Aging
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Preble County Council on Aging 800 East Saint Clair St. Eaton, OH 45320 937-456-4947 1-800-238-5146 Video Synapsis In this video, you will meet Rosa, one of our five Meals on Wheels MOW Drivers at the Preble County Council on Aging, and Betty one of our senior citizens on our MOW Program. You will also meet Jim, our PCCOA Board Vice President as he will share the fact that in 2020 one in four Preble County Residents will be 60 years of age or older, which reiterates the need for donations to our Preble County Meals on Wheels Program. Video Transcript Betty: This is the only hot meal I get a day. It means a whole lot. I just ain’t able to cook like I used to be. Rosa: I love All of my clients, all of them. Just like they are my family. Betty: I think we think the same of you. You’re the only family that I can say comes and sees me. Rosa: I have a lot of clients and they say ‘nobody comes and sees me, not even my kids.’ And that is heartbreaking. It means a lot to me to deliver to Ms. Betty and the rest of my groups because you don’t know if it’s going to be their only meal, or if it’s going to be their last meal. Jim: By the year 2020, one in four residents of Preble County will be over 60 years of age. So please consider us as a very efficient way of investing your charitable dollars. We will appreciate it, the seniors will appreciate it. Just think of Grandpa and Grandma out there, they need your help. Thank You very much for your attention.