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Relationship Violence is Not OK

Charity Name: 
Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence dba/Violence Free Colorado
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Screen 1 (Male in blue shirt): It’s not ok that 1 in 7 people in Colorado experience relationship violence. Screen2 (Male police officer in black uniform): It’s not ok that in 1 year, 48 people in Colorado died from relationship violence. Screen 3 (Female nurse in brown scrubs): It’s not ok that more than half of children who witness relationship violence… Screen 4 (Female child): …also experience child abuse. Screen 5 (Female doctor in blue scrubs): It’s not ok that 1 in 10 women will experience physical abuse while pregnant. Screen 6 (Female in purple sweater): Or that up to half of the women in Colorado who are homeless are trying to escape relationship violence. Screen 7 (Male in blue shirt): It’s time. Screen 8 (Male with glasses): It’s time. Screen 9 (Male in plaid shirt): It’s time. Screen 10 (Female with gold earrings): It’s time to Stand Up Colorado.