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Relationships Matter

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Aid to Adoption of Special Kids
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Relationships Matter: Aid to Adoption of Special Kids (AASK) Transcript Shots of various children looking at the camera. TEEN GIRL 1: I am not broken. BOY 1: I am not my behavior. TEEN GIRL 2 (three siblings): We are not damaged goods. TEEN BOY 1: I’m not too old. GIRL 1: I am not unloved. BOY 2 (two brothers): We can make you laugh. BOY 1: I can make you proud. GIRL 2 (two sibling girls): We have double the love to give. TEEN GIRL 3: It might be challenging. BOY 3 (two brothers): But isn’t it like that for all families? TEEN GIRL 1: We don’t need you to be perfect parents. BOY 2 (two brothers): We just need a chance. TEEN GIRL 3: We need someone who will be there for us no matter what. GIRL 2 (two siblings): We need someone who cares. BOY 4: Relationships do matter. Text: There are thousands of children in foster care. Can you be the one to change a life?