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Roadrunner Food Bank - Together We Can Solve Hunger

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Roadrunner Food Bank
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Roadrunner Food Bank. Together, we can solve hunger. Our Albuquerque distribution center provides 34 million pounds of nutritious food annually. To communities all across the state of New Mexico. Food in our warehouse is delivered to New Mexico communities through a fleet of semi's...and travels 600,000 miles a year providing nutritious food to hundreds of partner food distribution sites to help New Mexicans struggling with hunger. Hunger is a serious issue in New Mexico. 1 in 4 children is at risk of hunger. 1 in 6 adults. Harming the elderly, the disabled and entire families. Get involved and take action. Give funds, give time, give food. Thank you for solving hunger! $1 can provide up to 5 meals and 97 cents of every dollar goes to distributing food.
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