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Stop Human Trafficking In Lesotho

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Beautiful Dream Society
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Beautiful Dream Society 60 Second Promo Video Script • Silhouette of the country of Lesotho with the fraction 1/10 superimposed on it. o “One out of every ten people in Lesotho is an underage orphan” • African savannah with wildlife o “Children without parents are vulnerable to exploitation including human trafficking” • View of Lesotho mountains with lake o “Since 2011, Beautiful Dream Society has assisted over 160 trafficking victims in the country of Lesotho” • Shot of woman picking up beads for crafting • Shot of African women in a kitchen • Shot of Lesotho scenery—Basotho Hat Mountain o “Beautiful Dream Society provides a safe place of shelter, food, clothing, medical care, counseling, psychological care, education, and spiritual support • Various Shots of children in school o “You’ve met some of our children. Some of them have been touched by human trafficking, abuse, neglect, trauma. • Overview of Maseru skyline o “But there is hope” • Little girl jumping for joy in slow motion o “We’ve done this much, but there’s a lot more to be done” • Shot of a handpainted sign that says “You are welcome” in the Sesotho language. o “We need your help” • Group of children, laughing smiling and waving o “Please consider partnering with Beautiful Dream Society and help us make live beautiful in Lesotho • Boy closing gate on smiling children • Silhouette of the country of Lesotho • Beautiful Dream Society butterfly logo and website:
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