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Support for Young Moms

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New Moms
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New Moms CFC Video Script Laura Zumdahl, President & CEO of New Moms Our work at New Moms is interrupting generational poverty. We’re creating opportunities for families to really change their story – to change the story of a young mom and her child. We provide housing for families that are experiencing homelessness. We provide job training to help move young moms into employment successfully and we provide a range of family support programs that come alongside young moms and help support them, educate them, cheer them on in the journey to being a great mom for their child. Every $1 you invest into New Moms’ programming will have a return on investment of $3.81 over 5 years. And with your help, New Moms will partner with more than 800 young moms and their children as they change their life stories from ones of instability to lives of strength, health and vision for a strong future.
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