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United Way of Central Oklahoma 2019 Campaign Video

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United Way of Central Oklahoma
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VO: Some of us have the freedom to dream big: a new home, a nicer car, a big vacation. VO: But many of our neighbors have big dreams … of simpler things. VO: Something resembling childhood for their children. VO: A steady job. VO: Escape from abusive relationships. EMPTY FRIDGE VO: Something to eat for dinner tonight. ILLNESS VO: Basic healthcare. LIFE ON THE STREETS VO: Or just a safe place to sleep. MUSIC GAINS STRENGTH VO: At The United Way of Central Oklahoma, we use your donation to find ways for those simple dreams … VO: To come true. JOYFUL RECIPIENT OF SERVICES VO: And here’s the big surprise. These dreamers? STOCK OF WALLET OPENING, PULLING OUT FINAL DOLLAR OR TWO. VO: They donate, too. CHANGE BEING DROPPED IN A JAR. CHECK BEING WRITTEN VO: They find room in wallets already stretched to the limit. And they give to help others. Because they believe in the power of change. MORE CHEERFUL UNITED WAY RECIPIENTS VO: Surely you can too. LOGO: (UNITED WAY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA) VO: Stand with your neighbors. Give at and help realize someone’s big dream.