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Why We March for Life

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March for Life Education and Defense Fund
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[music] >We’re here today as father and daughter standing up and marching for life. >We march because life is precious; every single life, these lives, my life. >I march because I want to end abortion. >Here today because of this baby. I had an appointment with Planned Parenthood to not have him. And, I regretted that decision and went to church the night before my appointment with Planned Parenthood to have an abortion. And, I realized that my baby at 10 weeks was a baby. And I decided to be here with him because he’s my testimony. That babies are babies no matter what size. >We march because all lives matter. >We march because all these little guys matter. >I march for my brother because his mother attempted to have an abortion and he’s the biggest gift I have. >We march because life is precious.
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