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You Can Help

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Avian Conservation (National Aviary Pittsburgh Inc)
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Throughout the video: The National Aviary logo and CFC number (12380) are displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the video. There is no audio. The video a shot of the Penguin Point habitat at the National Aviary, with four penguins hopping off a rock one after another, followed by a caption that reads, “We’re counting on you to help us continue our critical conservation work with penguins and other species.” Cut to a shot of an African Penguin from above as she flies gracefully through the water and surfaces at the edge of the Penguin Point habitat, looking toward the camera. A caption fades up that simply reads, “You can help.” The closing short is a tight close-up from above of an African Penguin looking directly up at the camera, followed by a caption that reads, “Pledge your support to: Avian Conservation (National Aviary Pittsburgh Inc) CFC#12380.
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