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You Make a Big Difference

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Food for the Hungry
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You can transform a child’s life through sponsorship! Sponsorship helps end poverty in vulnerable communities. I would like to say thank you to my sponsor, who has enabled me to dream and achieve what I aspire to in the future. When you sponsor a child, you help them get an education. When you sponsor a child, you help them develop spiritually. When you sponsor a child, you help them hope and dream for the future. Through consistent monthly support, letters and prayers - You and your sponsored child build a relationship that makes a lasting difference. I was very glad when I received letters from my sponsors, because it made me feel cared for and loved and to me they are like my parents. Join our family of sponsors who are committed to ending poverty worldwide. I want my sponsors to know that I pray for them and wish God's blessings on them. FH.ORG
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