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Your Local Make-A-Wish Chapter

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Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington
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CFC Video Description & Transcript Description: Together, we create life-changing wish experiences for children with critical illnesses. But what does a wish really do? Research shows, and physicians agree, a wish can help improve a child’s quality of life and produce better health outcomes. When a wish is granted, a child replaces fear with confidence, sadness with joy, and anxiety with hope. Yet, not every child in our territory who is eligible for a wish receives one. Right now, we could fill seven school buses with the number of children who are waiting for their wishes. With your help, we can change that. Transcript: Make-A-Wish Washington and Alaska Dr. Dough Hawkins- Oncologist & Associate Division Chief, Seattle Children’s Hospital Dr. Hawkins: The impact that Make-A-Wish has on the lives of children goes on for the rest of their life and for much longer than the wish itself. Dr. Hawkins refers his patients to Make-A-Wish because he knows that a wish has a positive, long-term impact on wish children and their families. Dr. Hawkins: I see children who plan their wish for months ahead of time. They carefully consider what their options are and they come up with a wish that’s really unique to them and to their family. It’s something that transports them out of the time that they are in the hospital past the next clinic visit into something that’s much more magical. It’s really amazing to see how that simple wish can really be such a transforming event in the life of a child. “I wish to be a U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer”- Andrew, 8 with a neurological condition. You can create life-changing wishes by making a gift through the CFC today. Washington: 70383 Alaska: 72693 Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington
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